Mobile Home Intervention

WE HAVE MORE!! Besides providing intervention for infant and children, individual or adults who have stroke, parkinson, fracture, elderly, traumatic brain injury, dementia, bed ridden could seek our professionally help to provide intervention. We have years of experience in mobile intervention service for infant, children, adult and elderly. The best choice as it is our pioneer program. No regrets!

Mobile Home Intervention

by Seremban Occupational Therapy Centre (SOTC)

Speech and language, physiotherapy, occupational theory, primary, sessions with parents, early intervention program & school intervention program.

Monday – Saturday Optional time between 8am – 5pm

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Mobile Home Intervention frequently asked questions:

  • Does the price inclusive transportation?

    Yes, it covers the transportation. No additional charges besides the fee

  • Could you provide intervention at kindergarten or old folks home?

    Yes, we have experience in delivering service to various locations.

  • Do you travel 2 hours journey to provide intervention?

    Yes, we provide intervention as per request by the clients.

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