Smart Primary

Do you worry when your child goes to school? Does the environment suit your child? Does your child participate in activities or does your child wonders around? Smart Primary Program is perfect for child who needs special attention and specific methodology in academic.

Smart Primary

by Seremban Occupational Therapy Centre (SOTC)

A place where your child gets the most attention from teacher and interventionist.

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Leader in charged for Smart Primary

Ms Sofea Farhanah

Ms Sofea Farhanah

Playvelope HQ
5 Years of experiences

Smart Primary frequently asked questions:

  • Does my child could be rejected from entry this program?

    We provide a zero rejection policy.

  • What does Smart Primary offer?

    We provide well designed Playvelope books throughout the whole year, various themes, activity box as homework, intervention focusing on skills and many more.

  • Who will be with my child at Smart Primary?

    Early childhood teacher, Special needs teacher and Occupational therapist will be by your child during Smart Primary.

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