Stay In

Stay in program offers weekly therapy every Saturday in a Group Session or One to One Session based on the child's level of development.

Stay In

by Seremban Occupational Therapy Centre (SOTC)

PARENTS FREE ON WEEKENDS ONLY, thus this is the best choice!

Kindly don’t forget, child needs intervention or daily basis. It is a compliment to your child if you add Jump In Program with Stay In Program. The more the child gets, the more satisfaction you have.

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Leader in charged for Stay In

Ms Hazwani

Ms Hazwani

Playvelope HQ
5 Years of experiences

Stay In frequently asked questions:

  • My child has a zero following instructions skill, can he enroll in Stay In Group?

    He is more suitable for stay in one to one.

  • What is the difference between Stay In and Jump In?

    Stay In is on Saturday while Jump In on weekdays only. Stay In is a committed weekly basis while Jump In is on parents request and booking.

  • How should I enroll my child for Stay In?

    The best way is to get an assessment first and the administrative will guide you through

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