Early Intervention Program(EIP)

EIP is an intensive intervention program for young children who are discovered at young age to have or at risk of having development delay.

Which "FIRST" move for your child

Before enrolment, a holistic standardised assessment will be administered by our experience interventionist to determine your child development status, red flags and assisting diagnostic. It helps parents to understand: 

  • The process of development
  • Their child and their needs
  • Give a clear picture on the next move
  • To cope their denial phase and stress

Early Intervention Program(EIP)

by Seremban Occupational Therapy Centre (SOTC)

Our program is written by our multidisciplinary team who consist of experience occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapy, child psychology, pediatrician, early childhood teacher and special needs teacher.

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Leader in charged for Early Intervention Program(EIP)

Ms Farisha Adrina

Ms Farisha Adrina

Playvelope HQ
3 Years of experiences

Early Intervention Program(EIP) frequently asked questions:

  • Why choose EIP?

    The earlier we provide EIP the better the progress and outcome

  • When is the right time to attend?

    Birth to 6 years

  • How the program conducted?

     Individualised and small groups

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