Jump In

Jump in program offers a parents-designed therapy package between Monday to Friday in group session or one to one session. Sessions are based on child level of development. Parents can make appointment according to their child needs and parents wish.

Jump In

by Seremban Occupational Therapy Centre (SOTC)

A parents designed therapy package that choose by parents. It’s your choice!

Early Intervention Program
School Intervention Program
Occupational Therapy
Speech & Language Development Intervention
Sensory Room

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Leader in charged for Jump In

Ms Amylia

Ms Amylia

Playvelope HQ
5 Years of experiences

Jump In frequently asked questions:

  • Can I request once a week then change into once a month?

    Yes, it is parents-designed package

  • How frequent does my child needs?

    The frequent the better.

  • Can I meet and discuss with interventionist?

    Yes, it is encourage! Playvelope allocates a discussion room.

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