School Intervention Program (SIP)

SIP are sets of intervention give to child or students who are having difficulties and in preparation to go to school. It is a program which prepares a child towards school. It consists academic and development intervention with the help of interventionist, early childhood teacher and special needs teacher.

When Kindergarten is not the “BEST CHOICE” for your child.

School Intervention Program ensure and promote child in developing:

  • Follow instruction
  • Sitting tolerance
  • Attention & Concentration
  • Taking turn
  • Introduction towards academic

School Intervention Program (SIP)

by Seremban Occupational Therapy Centre (SOTC)

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Leader in charged for School Intervention Program (SIP)


Mr Luqman

Playvelope HQ
3 Years of experiences

School Intervention Program (SIP) frequently asked questions:

  • Does Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) are use as communication tool?

    Yes, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) are use as communication tool

  • How the program conducted?

    Individualised and small groups

  • What is the type of environment provided at the center?

    Classroom environment assisted

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